You will thank yourself
For reading this

Yum stuff ahead

I'm logging my cat's thoughts!
That's dope.

I share a flat with my fat cat Tac. My name's Freya but apparently I'm just "The Caretaker" for that ungrateful furball.

Anyhow, somewhen around november 2018 I was hacking Ping, my penguin-shaped domestic robot, and realized it was detecting some unidentified data. Further investigations revealed I was dealing with Tac's thoughts.

The really cool part is that Ping can immediately understand Tac and vice versa! What? Yeah. Deal with it.

As much as I'd love to live chat with my cat, it looks like Ping's detection capability sucks when I'm around :(

Nevertheless, I was so impressed by my cat's worldview that I decided to share it with the world wide web.

For the sake of clarity and aesthetics, I edited the logs of their conversations in a dialogic form, posted a few of my favourites, and called it a season.

Tac&Ping Season 1 was live!

Expect a Season 2 soonish, those two are really getting along.