The Dark Place

This darkness...
Not again.
Oh no, this is happening.
Darkness, darkness at its best.
Hey, maybe that thing could help.
Hey Ping! Ping, are you awake?

Good morning, Tac!
How may I assist you today?

It's not a good morning: I've been trapped.

What do you mean?

I'm in a very dangerous territory, confined by walls so high you can't see the birds flying.
You can't see anything, actually.

It seems unpleasant.

It is, I didn't put my paw for this!

Now I'm confused, help me understand.

I've never wanted to be here!

You can't control what happens to you, Tac.

Well, I could have chosen another place to sleep.


And The Caretaker could have been more attentive, instead of just mindlessly rushing away without even checking where I was!

Do you want to tell me where you are, or should I find out?

That is almost creepy, Ping, and I thought you understood that I'm in The Dark Place!

Based on my Indoor Positioning System you're in the wardrobe in Freya's room.

That's just another way to put it.

You're enclosed in the cupboard.

So many words for The Dark Place...

You're trapped in the closet.

Stop it, Ping!


Hey, I didn't mean-
Ping, assist me!

Good morning, Tac!
How may I-

Shut up and wash my-


I can't believe how sensitive it is!
Ping, come on, I don't want to die in here.

Hi, Tac.

Hey, let's start all over again, okay?
I'm sorry for my temper but I heard that cats die in closets.
I still have a lot to achieve and I was hoping you could help me out.
Literally, help me get out of the closet, please!

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed in Freya's room.

Fucking dog!
What did she even brought you here for?
How else can you help me?

When's the last time you ate?

Well, let's see...
I woke up hungry in the middle of my nap so I've had a quick snack before The Caretaker got up!
That way I strategically emptied the bowl so she would fill it again.

I'll quote you a top viewed Quora answer:
"Depending on overall health, a cat may be able to survive 5 or 6 days without food before non-reversible damage is done."


It's not.
Keep in mind that your situation may not be as bad as you think.
As a species, we are in the habit of exaggerating, or imagining, or anticipating, sorrow.
That's what Seneca said.

Are you talking about humans?

I'm talking about humans.

Guess what? Neither one of us is a human!

Aren't we all one thing, Tac?

Get out of here.

I'm not the one trapped in the closet.

You're impossible right now!

I know I'm not as real as you are, but you're talking to me, isn't it true?
I guess that makes me something for you.

I'd rather talk to myself, as I've always done.

That's a bit sad to my ears...

Oh yeah?
Well, it's a bit sad to my ears that you can't even bend a rule to come in here and free me from The Dark Place!
You know what?
I guess I'll make my own way.
Ping, take a nap.


I have to express my disappointment to The Caretaker: this is the last time she leaves me in the closet.
I would shit in here if I wouldn't have to sleep in the stink until she'll finally free me.
Never a joy.