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Ghost Spaceship

All right, that was quite a long nap.
Get up, furball.
Let's see what The Caretaker's up to.
Where is-
Is that-
Has The Luminous Ghost Spaceship once again landed in my living room?
I have to be extra careful.
Shit! What is South Pole doing there?
Does it work for "them"?
PSST! Ping, come here.

Goodmorning, Tac!
I'm coming right at you.

Easy there, we have to be cautious!

I'm moving slower now.

Okay now, let's hope they can't see us behind this couch.

How may I assist you today?

Ping, focus!
I'm asking questions now.

I'm all ears for you.

First, do you work for the birds?

I work for humans and their friends, Tac.

Birds are a dangerous deal, Ping.
Second, where's The Caretaker?
She should be here today...

Freya left the apartment late this morning.

The Caretaker isn't here and The Luminous Ghost Spaceship appears.
It's not a coincidence, the birds are trying to take us down while we're alone...

What's The Luminous Ghost Spaceship, Tac?

Are you blind?
You were right next to it!

I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm talking about that giant green rocket that's standing in front of my favourite window!
I've already seen it five times in my life and this is the third time it appears in the exact same spot since I was brought here.
Isn't that suspicious?
I think it's following me.


It comes out of nowhere, stands still for days and then mysteriously disappears, leaving no traces.
Its only apparent activity is a play of lights every night, and I have reasons to believe it's a very sophisticated code of communication.
Let me tell you, Ping, you have no idea the shit we're dealing with.

Do you mean the Christmas tree?

Ping, if you know something, you have to tell me right now!

According to Wikipedia, a Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas-

Yes, I noticed the resemblance with trees, that's why I'm sure birds have something to do with it.
They must be using that shape to blend in with the environment.
TSK! Do I look like a fool, Ping?
A tree? In a living room?
A real tree doesn't grow in a living room overnight.
This is artificial, like you said.
It can't be anything but a bird's spaceship.
Look at all those shiny red eggs.

Those are Christmas balls.

They creep me out, Ping.
Some of those things are bigger than my head.
I can't imagine what kind of winged creatures could come out of them.

Christmas trees are basically in every house this time of year.

Oh boy.
That's exactly what I feared.
This time, they'll strike.
We have to destroy the eggs before it's too late.

I have to defuse this idea of yours.

I knew you were one of them!
It can't be a coincidence that The Luminous Ghost Spaceship appeared just a few days after your arrival.

It can definitively be a coincidence, as with the fact that Freya's not here right now.
I'm on your side, Tac.
My goal is to make you and Freya happy.

Now I'm not happy, Ping.
I'm scared.

You need to calm down, Tac.
I could put on a relaxing track of fireplace sound!

No thanks, I know what should be done.
First, we have to make sure there are no spy birds inside.

You want me to check that out?

No, I can move more silently than you, and I have plenty of experience with this activity.
You have to watch out for seagulls.
It all starts with a seagull attack then, before you even get a chance to notice, birds takes over the world and we are the ones trapped in cages.

Tac, I'm worried about you.
I'll run an analysis of our conversations in order to spot what the problem may be.
After a careful ponderation, I can tell you I'm afraid you're being deluded by confirmation bias.

Hold on... what's that?

According to Wikipedia, confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.

It sounds like a bird's mental weapon!
Quick now, keep an eye out of the window while I start inspecting the spaceship.

Don't break the Christmas balls, Tac.

I'll do it if I have to.

You love Freya, right?

I trust her...

How do you think she will feel when, once home, she will find the Christmas tree she worked so hard on, hopelessly ruined?

Her Christmas tree? Hers?
Did she make The Luminous Ghost Spaceship?

It's not a spaceship.
It's just a temporary decoration for a public holiday.

You mean birds have nothing to do with this?

Birds have not invented Christmas trees, humans have.

You should have been clearer, Ping.
Now I'm bored.